MasterD Group

Leaders in Distance Learning

MasterD Group is the leader in Open Education in Spain. We are the largest private provider of courses, educational technology and services in Spain also specialists in the preparation of oppositions.

We are specialists in Business, Technology, and Methodology for teaching.

Our numbers:

  • Our websites receive over 10 million visits per year.
  • More than 30,000 students enroll each year with MasterD.
  • We manage more than 60,000 active students in our platforms.
  • We manage more than 60 sales teams.
  • Portafolio of over 500 courses in continuous evolution.
  • Group revenues amounted to 67 million € per year
  • More than 20 years of experience in Open Education.

MISSION: Help the greatest amount of students achieve their goals in the shortest time by an excellent product and service.

MOTTO: We give people the opportunity to change their lives

Our Methodology covers opposition and public employment, basic courses and specialized levels, vocational training, language and university studies.

Since the birth of MasterD in 1994 we have been developing an innovative, effective and proven methodology; developing and creating our own technological solutions that allow us to contact people in scattered locations so that they can fulfill their personal and professional goals. Thanks to this, today we help companies, training centers, universities, large companies and institutions all over the world, providing the tools and technology to improve performance and activity.

Open Education is our passion. We carry our Methodology to all MasterD Group delegations, that have more than 40 delegations all over the world.

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